At Topos & Anthros, we are endlessly motivated by the lasting connection of place and people. We look to collaborate with innovative organizations, companies, and individuals that are also dedicated to connecting people, preserving and utilizing the distinctiveness of place, and strengthening our communities. The Western Landowners Alliance is one of the leading forces of collaboration, sustainable solutions, and positive change in our industry. The Western Landowners Alliance, founded on a shared community of interest and practice, provides a forum in which landowners and managers can share best practices and lessons learned. The organization also serves as a unified voice speaking on behalf of the of shared values and priorities of western landowners by advocating for policies and practices that sustain working lands, connected landscapes, and native species. 

As part of their effort to build an effective voice, the Western Landowners Alliance features innovative landowners across the west in their Stewardship with Vision video series. Their latest release debuted earlier this fall. Check it out below: