Why work with Topos & Anthros? Because of what we can accomplish together.  

Captivated by the experience of place and invigorated by genuine connection, we are continuously fascinated by the compelling connection of the two. We are profoundly excited by the tangible and dynamic nature of real estate as an asset, an investment, and a vehicle to create enduring impacts for individuals, families and the environment. We strive to preserve and utilize the distinctiveness of place to foster the connection of people and strengthen our communities. 

At Topos & Anthros, we aim to aggregate our meaningful connections and experiences to simplify the land ownership process for others by providing a single point of contact to identify and minimize risk, realize and capitalize on opportunities, and provide comprehensive and individualized strategies and solutions based on our clients' specific end goals and desired outcomes. In doing so, we have the opportunity to work along land trusts, operators, property owners, municipalities, and others to build long lasting relationships that positively impact our communities. 

Based in Montana, we work largely in the Intermountain West, but our efforts extend across the the entire American West. We love the American West and are grateful for the opportunity to work in across many inspiring landscapes with a wide variety of interesting and impressive people.

Interested in learning more? Want to work together? Get in touch and start your journey today.