At Topos & Anthros, we aim to preserve and utilize the distinctiveness of place to foster the connection of people and strengthen our communities by providing our clients with comprehensive, individualized solutions that minimize risk, capitalize on opportunities and simplify the land ownership process. We work primarily with landowners, producers, private businesses, and non-profits to create strategies and implement projects that address the challenges we face related to keeping working lands working, responding to growth and development, and conserving our natural resources and wild places while also supporting the livelihoods of landowners and the resiliency of our rural economies.

There are countless hard-working folks doing remarkable things on their land and in their communities across the American West, and we are here to bolster their initiatives, support their efforts, help carry the burdens, amplify their creative efforts, and celebrate the triumphs. These places and the people that live, work and recreate in them matter deeply to us. By prioritizing communities and heritage, and melding conservation and real estate, we aim to create opportunities for others.