We strive to preserve and utilize the distinctiveness of place to foster the connection of people and strengthen our communities. By prioritizing communities and heritage, and melding conservation and real estate, we aim to create opportunities for others. It is our belief that together we will realize more collectively beneficial, longer-lasting, positive impacts on land, the resources inherent, and in the lives and economies of those that are connected to one another by the captivating and dynamic places we love and call home in the American West.


CONSERVATION - To us conservation is preserving and protecting the valuable natural and cultural resources of the unique places we love so that future generations can benefit from and enjoy them. Conservation can take on many forms, but at the heart it is stewardship today driven by a vision to perpetuate collective good into the future for the animals, people, and communities that depend both land and water. 

HERITAGE - In ways large and small, we are shaped by where we come from. Across small towns, individual western states, and larger geographic regions, the history of the distinct places that make up the American West are displayed through the infrastructure and architecture, educational institutions, local organizations and businesses, and the many faces of the people that live throughout the American West. Like ourselves, many have moved out west to start new or grow their legacy in one of a multitude of wild, inspirational places that offer a sense of freedom all their own. There is honor, kindness, grit, humor, and strength in the heritage of the west. We aim to keep it that way. 

COMMUNITY - We are endlessly fascinated by the connection between place and people, but ultimately the ability of place to foster the connection of people to the natural world and one to another in a way that adds character, dimension, strength, and resiliency to communities drives us. Community is the soul of who we are at Topos & Anthros. The neighborhoods, industries, culture, and economies of each individual community are shaped by land-use just as much as they are by how people in these places come together. In all that we do, we strive to build community by prioritizing meaningful connections, lasting relationships, creative solutions, mutually beneficial outcomes, and strength in the collective. 

REAL ESTATE - Often times real estate is the means to which we achieve the positive impacts for places and people that we work towards. We believe real estate as an asset and an investment can be used to transform communities. Whether the property is raw land for building a home, a large picturesque ranch, a historic structure in quaint western downtown, a commercial building, an easements for access or conservation or anything in between, real estate serves as a vehicle that creates enduring impacts in the lives of individuals and families. Single properties belong to larger communities, ecosystems, and economies that extend far beyond land boundaries or bricks and mortar. Because the use of land and utilization of buildings can seem cumbersome and daunting, we work to simplify landownership for our clients. Together we can achieve more. 




We do all of this by joining alongside our clients to simplify land ownership by providing them with comprehensive, individualized solutions that minimize risk, capitalize on opportunities, and ultimately achieve their specific desired outcomes. Our values and culture inform and fuel what we do. 

Strive to create opportunities for others

Be intentional in all that we do

Forge meaningful connections and build lasting relationships

Serve our clients exceptionally well

Deliver dynamic and creative solutions

Collaborate by placing the collective before the individual

Acknowledge and appreciate individual contributions

Approach projects with positive energy and gratitude

Prioritize balance and perspective in work as a part of life

Act with integrity, striving for excellence, not perfection

Enjoy our projects, our clients, and the communities in which we invest