There are several leading publications that feature real estate, conservation, heritage and community. The Land Report, Open Fences, and Land are the three most widely recognized magazines geared towards the American landowner in particular. 

Touted as "The Magazine of the American Landowner", The Land Report releases four issues a year advertising ranches on the market, profiling landowners, providing ideas and examples of ways to improve and conserve land, and reporting on legislation updates. Every winter, The Land Report releases a Top 100 List of America's Largest Landowners. Earlier this month, the magazine unveiled the 2016 list. Though the top two remain unchanged, there are many new names on this year's list. Of the top 25 landowners by acreage, 20% are classified as "new to the list" meaning that in 2015 their land holdings did not qualify them for a spot in the top 100.

A considerable number of large parcels are changing hands throughout the country going to owners new to the landscape. And many of the largest land owners in the country are actively transitioning land from one generation to the next. During these times of real estate transaction and transition, there are great opportunities to consider conservation to preserve the ecology of these distinct and beautiful landscapes and also the heritage and communities that depend on the land.