As part of an effort to simplify land ownership for our clients, Topos & Anthros offers a variety of separate, but complementary services. We view sales as an integral piece of the larger conversation of utilizing and preserving distinctive places to foster the connection of people and strengthen communities.

By offering buyer's representation to prospective landowners and operators, and seller's representation and marketing to property owners, we work to minimize risk, identify and capitalize on opportunities and ultimately to simplify landownership for our clients.  As part of this service line, we are debuting the Property Listings section of our website. 

To us real estate is more than just an asset or an investment. Real property can be a vehicle to create enduring impacts in the lives of individuals, families, and larger ecosystems and communities. 

Let us help you find the property you are looking for or assist you in finding the next steward for the land you've loved. Contact us to learn more!