We are often asked "What does Topos & Anthros do?" Oversimplified, we simplify landownership. This takes on a wide range of forms. Our broad client base has included private landowners, non-profits and family foundations. What we do is slightly different every time for each client. We provide our clients with comprehensive, individualized solutions that minimize risk, capitalize on opportunities and simplify the land ownership process and / or the strategy and reality of engaging of landowners.

As a broad overview of our work, here's a short list of some of the impacts we have made:

  • We have helped analyze the financial impacts of water conservation-minded changes to farming operations throughout many localized regions in the west.
  • For private landowners, we have provided expertise on the operation efficiencies and conservation potential on their ranches.
  • We have researched and produced reports on topics ranging from the feasibility of growing various crops in different watersheds to the wide variety of conservation finance tools being used to support rural communities and promote natural resource protection.
  • We have built technology systems and tools to help non-profits more efficiently communicate with their members and more effectively fulfill their mission.
  • On behalf of groups that serve landowners, we have gathered landowners, stakeholders and partners to collect and deduce directives for the groups.
  • Through our affiliation with Pfister Land Company, we have worked with landowners to help value potential property acquisitions. Also, we have listed properties for sale and also represented buyers in searching for, evaluating, and purchasing land. 

To learn more about our projects, explore our interactive Project Map. To read through a summary of the services we offer, check out our Services page. 

Ultimately, at Topos & Anthros, we strive to preserve and utilize the distinctiveness of place to foster the connection of people and strengthen our communities. How we do that exactly is often up to you, our clients, partners, and community. How can we help you? How can we contribute to you efforts and help you achieve your goals and magnify and amplify your impact?