Agriculture plays a pivot role in the economy and culture of Montana. Together companies like Seasonal Montana and Two Dot Land and Livestock, which intentionally and tirelessly work to connect folks throughout the state to the landscape, strengthen the connection of people and place. 

Seasonal Montana is a celebration of world class dining and catering in Ennis, Bozeman and all of Southwest Montana. The company creates and executes farm to table events hosted by local farms, ranches and producers to create a Montana farm to table dining experience in the beautiful landscapes where the food being enjoyed is produced.  

Located on the grasslands of central Montana, Two Dot Land and Livestock is a family ranch, which was established in 1908.  The ranch, which encompasses nearly 24,000 acres, has been managed holistically for over 30 years - meaning managed by simultaneously embracing ecological, social, and financial resilience, short and long term. The beef raised on the property is marketed and sold regionally as Yellowstone Grassfed Beef

Recently, Two Dot Land and Livestock hosted a Seasonal Montana dinner on the ranch. We attended and are still salivating. The experience of eating food right where it is raised and produced is unmatched. And the meal itself could not have been more fresh and delicious. If you live in Montana or are visiting the area, we urge you to consider attending a Seasonal Montana farm to table event. 

Though we failed to take adequate food photos, we did snap a few pictures of the event. Enjoy and check out future events hosted by Seasonal Montana here.