The deadlines for local conservation districts and landowners to apply for funds under the Water Quality Grant Program (WQGP) and the Rangeland Health Assessments Program (RHAP), both Wyoming Department of Agriculture grant funding programs, are coming up in early June. 

The 2017-28 biennium WQGP is currently calling for requests for proposals. Funding is available to local conservation districts up to $20,000 per project, but applicants can apply for more than one watershed planning project. Watersheds applicable in the scope of WQGP funding include both listed and impaired or threatened waters that are on the 303(d) list, as well as non-listed waters. Applications for the program are due by June 2nd. The program has $190,000 to distribute among eligible projects. Full details on the program are available online

The RHAP aims to build relationships on the ground, which includes bringing permittees together with land management agency personnel to coordinate obtaining joint cooperative rangeland health assessment data. Similar to the WQGP program, the maximum individual grant amount for the RHAP is $20,000, however applicants may submit multiple project proposals. This funding cycle there is $103,080 available in grant funds. Full details on the program and the formal request for proposal are on the Wyoming Department of Agriculture website.

Both programs require projects to have a 30% match, which can be cash or in-kind, and can also be federal funds such as 319 grant funds.

These grant programs and other state cost-sharing initiatives amplify the good stewardship and innovative conservation techniques of landowners and conservation districts throughout Wyoming.