One of the groups contributing to the High Divide Collaborative is the Central Idaho Rangelands Network. As part of their devotion to "the inextricable link between the public lands surrounding our private working lands", the Lemhi Land Trust joined forces with The Nature Conservancy and Pioneer Mountain Group to create the Central Idaho Rangelands Network to encourage collaboration and rangeland monitoring across a large landscape with diverse public and private ownership in Central Idaho.

The network had its inaugural meeting in 2010. Seven years later, the group includes 80,000 acres of private lands and over 1,500,000 acres of BLM, USFS, and State of Idaho lands. The network refers to themselves as "ranchers and conservationists working together to develop and implement innovative approaches to grazing, land and water management that sustain and enhance the natural and community values of our region in the Upper Salmon River, Lost Rivers and Pioneer Mountains region of central Idaho."

To learn more, read up on the individual participating ranches: 

Funded by private foundations, private donors, and the Natural Resources Conservation Service, the Central Idaho Rangelands Network is leading the way in collaborative conservation on working lands in the American West.

The Central Idaho Rangelands Network reminds us that much can be accomplished when we work together.