"Unity is strength. . . when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved." --Mattie Stepanek

Starting a new business can be daunting. Thankfully, we have not had to go it alone. Our supportive community filled with talented individuals willing to collaborate with us has brought us strength as we've launched and begun to grow Topos & Anthros. Though there are many small businesses that have helped Topos & Anthros get off the ground, we owe extra gratitude to Chema Domenech & Stacy Townsend.

A visual artist with a contagious appreciate for nature, Chema lent his talents to us early on by allowing us to feature and use his incredible photography to illustrate and communicate who we are at Topos & Anthros. His photos strike a deep chord with us. We are honored that he is willing to collaborate with us. To learn more about his approach, read the Sage Magazine's feature on Chema. To enjoy more of his work, follow Chema on Instagram

A designer, photographer and maker, Stacy leads the charge at Townsend Collective. She loves design and lives for hearing and telling compelling stories. Without Stacy, Topos & Anthros as you see and know it today, would not exist. Not only has she allowed us to utilize several of her beautiful photographs, she helped transform the company from an idea in a coffee shop to something tangible, accessible and (hopefully) impactful. Her touches can be seen from our branding to our website and from our paper goods to our monthly email newsletter. Like Chema's, the Townsend Collective Instagram feed is full of inspiration. Check it out!

At Topos & Anthros we find deep fulfillment in creating opportunities for others. We intentionally work to connect those we work with in an effort to build lasting relationships that collectively make enduring impacts in the unique places we enjoy.

We know we are only as strong as the teams we assemble and that it is only when we join together that the most wonderful things can be achieved. With that we say "thank you" to Chema and Stacy for helping us launch a company that strives to preserve and utilize the distinctiveness of place to foster the connection of people and strengthen our communities. We invite you to team up with us as we set out to achieve wonderful things.